I will admit I haven’t been great about staying up on these posts. For any of you that know me, following a schedule is not my strength. I’m regularly late to everything and most times race around to make sure I get promised things completed. My biggest focus in 2020 is making things better. To do that I have a few things on the resolution list.

My first resolution for the year — Do a better job regularly posting answers to AMA. This a great way for you to learn about Delish and me. I want this little bakery to be connected to the community and that starts with sharing our thoughts. Feel free to message or drop in with any question you have and I will be posting more with the answers. My first idea is to commit to a post once a week and my palms are already getting sweaty thinking about it. But, go big or go home, right? So that’s what we’re doing.

My next resolution is to bring us together. In 2019, Delish hosted Book Club in hopes people would have a place to meet knew people and make new friends. I think people are intimidated about having to read a book and then share thoughts. Maybe there was a traumatic book report incident in their youth that has left people scared. Or maybe it’s the time commitment to read the book, even though I have attended without reading a page. Either way, I’m going to be putting together some more events to welcome more people to meet new people. In January, we’ll be starting January Conversation & Coffee and offering another cooking class.

I resolve to make a consistent cake calendar for Delish. Again, I’m already anxious at the concern of letting you down. I need to conquer my fear and just do it. The calendar will also highlight upcoming events so you can plan to be there! Our first one is something dear to my heart and exciting — Delish’s first anniversary! We will spend the day in January appreciating all the hard work and support in this last year as we continue to grow.

This was the Roaring ’20s look I wore for New Year’s Eve. I was most in love with the hair clip I made for it.

These are merely a few of the resolutions I create for myself. The most important one and at the top of my list is I’m going to make this year kick ass. Last year, I faced struggles with keeping my mind in a positive place and became a person I didn’t recognize for a little while. I worked hard on myself, asked for help from loved ones, and went to therapy to climb out of that hole and get back to a place surrounded by gratitude, appreciation, and love.

I want my little bakery to be a place where everyone feels welcomed and adored. I believe through getting to know each other, sharing kindness, and appreciating our differences, we will be better. We will improve who we are. We will change the world. This is what 2020 will bring for me. I hope you will want to join.

What resolutions have you made for 2020? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

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