In one word, the answer is “rough.” Anyone who owns a small business is hurting right now. Maybe even the big guys are suffering. However, they may have more of a financial cushion to push the pain away a little bit more.

After coming off our most successful month in February, we thought we had finally turned that first year in business corner. I posted for a third employee because the two I have are flourishing. I started to move more into a management position versus baker and big things were planned. Then as with all best laid plans, a pandemic happened and turned the world upside down. (Well, maybe it’s not always a pandemic, but it could be anything unexpected.)

The first week wasn’t too bad and I hoped maybe we wouldn’t feel too much of it since Delish is mostly a carry out business. Then the governer’s orders to stay inside came down and we saw a significant drop. Coupled with the fact businesses around us closed, people are losing their jobs, and people are just scared about the future, we keep getting slower and slower. While we have some devout customers who bring a HUGE smile to my face with their recurring orders, times are tough.

Having said all that, I am extremely hopeful and optomistic. Maybe this might even border on delusional. I’ve seen wonderful things happening this community with small businesses supporting each other, loyal customers buying goodies for their friends as gifts, and overall caring about one and other. I know we are going to come out the other side of this stronger and more appreciative of every day. Maybe it will only last for a little bit before we return back to our “too busy for each other” lives, but I sure hope it sticks around as long as it can.

Here are some things I do know about my business. I will stay open. No matter what, I will be open. The hours are reduced and items are baked to order, but we aren’t going anywhere. My employees still have a job. I am so appreciative of the two great gals working at Delish that I am going to do everything in my power to keep them employeed. They’ve been so understanding about hour reductions. We’ve taken this time to work on some processes, focus on social media videos, and continue to plan for the future.

You can check out our videos at

We have endured some bumps in this road trying to readjust to the Covid world, but we keep our smiles and try to improve with every lesson. We appreciate every person who has been patient with us as we try to balance having enough, but not too much. We’ve become diligent in making sure we adhere to all the Covid regulations to make sure you’re safe.

Because really when it comes down to it, you are our biggest priority. Hopefully that will be the lesson we all take away from this strange time. People are special and we should treasure them always. (And occasionally bring them cake. HA!)

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