In 2014, Delish started from a desire to make sophisticated desserts that taste even more amazing than they looked.  Owner, Susan Prunty, spent a few years creating in her certified kitchen before deciding to take a leap of faith.  After dedicating 10 years in the corporate world encouraging people to empower themselves by living their best lives, she decided to follow her own advice.

Delish evolves every day in looking for new ways to meet our customers’ needs.  Susan continues with the successful recipes on which the foundation was built while trying to bring something creative to the market. She incorporates her passion for music by piping cookies in honor of her favorite bands, which are featured in Cookies that Rock.

The Airborne Toxic Event with their custom pick cookies. (2017)

When Susan isn’t baking, shopping for a new addition to her lipstick obsession, or traveling the country to see concerts, she writes Young Adult novels with the hope to one day break into the publishing world.  She combines her love of Young Adult books and baked goods by creating baked representations of the books she reads.  Those examples are in Baked Books.

Dreamers enjoying their first set (of several) Delish custom creations. (2015)

If your interested in learning even more about who Susan is, you can check out her writing blog Breaking Books.  Warning: It’s a real depiction of the person with hopes, vulnerabilities, and occasionally a comical social disaster.  Keeping to Susan’s value of transparency, you will read about her love for favorite bands, comparisons of baking to writing,  and continuously working to be her true self.

Coast Modern’s Luke Atlas showing pinkie up for the Alt Nation Advanced Placement tour cookie.  (2017)

Delish wants to create that special treat, sweet or savory, to help celebrate your most special occasion or something marvelous to spoil yourself.