In 2014, two friends in Southern Oregon wanted bakery treats balancing pretty with delicious.  They believed you eat with your eyes first, but then it better be awesome when your taste buds have their turn.  Committed to using high quality ingredients and inventive combinations, Delish was born.

Delish evolves every day in looking for new ways to meet our customers’ needs.  Owner, Susan Prunty, continues with the successful recipes on which the foundation was built. She incorporates her other passion, music, by piping creations for her favorite bands featured in Cookies that Rock.


The Airborne Toxic Event with their custom pick cookies. (2017)

When Susan isn’t baking, shopping for a new lipstick, or traveling the country to see concerts, she writes Young Adult novels with the hope to break into the publishing world.  She combines her love of YA books and baked goods by creating baked representations of the books she reads.  Those examples are in Baked Books.


Dreamers enjoying their first set (of several) Delish custom creations. (2015)

If your interest in reading about Susan’s writing adventures, you can check out her writing blog Breaking Books.  There, you will read about her obsession over her favorite bands, comparisons of baking to writing,  and continuously working to be her true self.


Coast Modern’s Luke Atlas showing pinkie up for the Alt Nation Advanced Placement tour cookie.  (2017)

Delish wants to create that special treat, sweet or savory, to help celebrate your most special occasion or something marvelous to spoil yourself.

2 responses

  1. You ladies are SO talented!!! I was wondering if you are planning/interested in doing instructional blogs? Specifically on your royal icing techniques!? I am a long time baker, but haven’t attempted royal icing just yet! I’m trying to learning more about it, before I give it a try!

    • Thank you Veronica. I too feel like I’m still learning royal icing. Your comment is a great one to remind us that more tutorials might mean more fun…and more disasters. 🙂

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