We’re two chicks in Southern Oregon who like to bake things that are pretty and delicious.  We believe you eat with your eyes first, but then it better darn taste awesome when your taste buds have their turn.  We’re committed to using high quality ingredients and inventive combinations to make all our baked good delish.

While we believe in beautiful decorations, we don’t work with fondant.  Even the best tasting fondant recipe doesn’t leave the best impression on the palette.  We design our custom creations with fabulous sugar cookies to blend beauty with amazing taste.

What do we do when we aren’t baking?

Tia Seitler Baker/Owner

Tia Seitler

If you can’t tell by the photos of Tia, her hair is freaking awesome.  She regularly cycles through the rainbow to find the best shade to peek-a-boo from underneath the black top layer.  No matter where she goes, people usually stop her to say how much they envy her hair. (Susan included.)

Tia’s encouraged by her husband Robert who is one of Delish’s coveted taste testers.  She is also the mother of an twenty-one year old son. (Shocking when you look at her picture, isn’t it?!?!)  When she isn’t baking she enjoys eating any type of Asian food, reading books, and sipping lemon drop martinis.

Her baking love started at a young age when she followed in her mother’s footsteps by creating goodies from scratch.  She acquired her mom’s recipes through years of baking out of love.  Her favorite recipe is chocolate chip cookies and can pretty much do them in her sleep.  When it comes to Tia’s favorite dessert, it’s a sweet tie between creme brule and hot fudge brownie sundaes.

Susan Prunty

Susan’s known for the motto “Never let a good time die.”  This has led the two Delish bakers on some of their craziest nights.  It includes a karaoke night wearing Bump-Its in their hair (pictured above), “Urban Girl” road trips for music concerts and hunting down the bands, and many nights dancing until 3:00am.

Susan is married to finicky palette taster Aaron and is the mother of two children, ages 10 and 12.  When she isn’t baking and coming up with new items to carry on the Delish menu, she writes Young Adult novels with the hope to break into the publishing world.  She combines her two loves of YA books and baked goods by creating baked representations of the books she reads.  To see examples, check out the Baked Books section.

If your interest in reading about Susan’s writing adventures, you can check out her writing blog Breaking Books.  You will read about her obsession over The Airborne Toxic Event, comparisons of baking to writing,  and proof she really doesn’t let a good time die.

2 responses

  1. You ladies are SO talented!!! I was wondering if you are planning/interested in doing instructional blogs? Specifically on your royal icing techniques!? I am a long time baker, but haven’t attempted royal icing just yet! I’m trying to learning more about it, before I give it a try!

    • Thank you Veronica. I too feel like I’m still learning royal icing. Your comment is a great one to remind us that more tutorials might mean more fun…and more disasters. 🙂

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