Doting on Delish

We have the best customers.  We appreciate their support by thinking of us when they have a special occasion or a craving for something Delish.  Here’s what they have to say about us:


“I gave Susan of Delish an impossible order: cookies for a friend that is having a baby girl, moving into a new house and he’s a big fan of The Airborne Toxic Event. I am totally blown away by the beautiful cookies that are creative, fun and very intricately designed. The best part is that they are truly “delish”! My order came on time, beautifully packaged, and Susan was great to work with. I plan on using Delish a lot in the future.”

Irvine, CA

 “We were so excited when we came across Delish and their fabulous desserts. We looked all over for an authentic tasting cannoli and Delish delivered the goods. Good job ladies, you now have us as forever clients.”

Seattle, WA

“The strawberry [cake] was gone in a flash and they wanted more.  Next time I need to order a larger cake because they want seconds.  And everyone wanted a cookie.  Kids and adults were fighting for them.  Thank you for making the best cakes that my family and friends have loved.”

Medford, OR

1 thought on “Doting on Delish”

  1. I had the BEST quiche on Wednesday and I escaped the office with leftovers and ate them cold on Thursday. The Monte Cristo quiche is fantastic! Tia and Susan are so clever with ideas and executes the receipe to perfection! Now about those pumpkin cookies I’d like to try….

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