Question: How much notice do you need or order?
Answer: For most things we ask for three days. If you’re really in a pickle, we might be able to get it done in two. Cakes need some time to sit after they’ve been baked before we can frost. For royal iced cookies, we recommend at least 5 days as they need drying time between layers.

Q: Do you carry the same menu every day?
A: Each day we have an assortment of cookies, bars, macarons, and croissants. There are usually 2-3 cakes in the case to choose from to buy a slice. Friday and Saturday we carry a larger selection. We like to add seasonal items, which might not last long. If you’re looking for something specific, we suggest calling to verify.

Q: Can I walk in and buy a whole cake?
A: We used to carry 6″ cakes for purchase, but found it was hard to guess what flavor you wanted for your special occasion.

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