How much notice do you need or order?
We need three days notice for custom orders and it’s dependent on our baking schedule. If you’re really in a pickle, we might be able to get it done in two. Cakes need some time to sit after they’ve been baked before we can frost. For royal iced cookies, we need at least 5 days as they need drying time between layers.

Do you have gluten-free/dairy-free options?
We only carry items that are naturally gluten free, such as macarons and panna cotta. Gluten-free baking is a difficult science we haven’t mastered yet. Currently, we have no dairy-free options.

Do you carry the same menu every day?
Each day we have an assortment of cookies, bars, macarons, and croissants. There are usually 2-3 cakes in the case to choose from to buy a slice. Friday and Saturday we carry a larger selection. We like to add seasonal items, which might not last long. If you’re looking for something specific, we suggest calling to verify.

Can I walk in and buy a whole cake?
At times, we carry 6″ cakes in the store case for same day purchase. Their flavors and designs vary and it’s first come, first serve so sometimes we sell out.

Do you offer alternative milks for your coffees?
Yes, we have almond and coconut milks as substitutes for an additional charge.

Why are royal iced cookies so expensive?
Royal iced cookies are a very specific process. They take lots of training and skill. Even before starting, there’s research completed to try to recreate an image in cookie form. Most cookies require hand cutting and mixing colors is time consuming. All these steps add into the cost of the cookie. We know they are an investment. They also have a huge reward of an one-of-a-kind gift.

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