Numbers and Letters:

This cake is a custom centerpiece for any special event. Creatively decorated with fresh flowers, maracons, and fruit. Cake sides are exposed. Attractive piping in cream cheese or buttercream frosting. Choice of 1-2 numbers or 1 letter. Will feed up to 35-40.


Simple Decoration

Even with simplicity, our creative touches can personalize your cake for that something extra for your special person. Simple decoration may include two colors, rosettes, or cake combs.

$15.00 addition to cake price

Complex Decoration

Are you looking for a custom design to wow your guests? We offer complex designs to make your cake stand out like a piece of art. They may involve 3+ colors, chocolate work, cake stencils, or advanced frosting techniques.

$30.00 addition to cake price (fresh flowers and macarons additional)

Decorating with Cookies:

Sometimes to get the look you want, cookies add that extra layer. Price depends on complexity of cookie.