About Us

Susan Prunty, Owner

After several years of baking from her certified kitchen, Susan decided to take a huge chance and open the brick and mortar store she had always dreamed. Her focus to have a fun place where people can connect on a personal level while enjoying speciality treats shapes daily decisions. In her spare time, she enjoy traveling for concerts, spending time with the people closest to her heart, and learning to enjoy the now moments. While she has learned many things since opening the bakery in January 2019, the most important thing about following your dreams is it always includes risk. There’s no way around the uncertainty of tomorrow, so it’s better so smile and soak up all the experiences of today.


Lydia aspires to open her own food business someday and is acquiring the skills to do so. In her free time, she likes to experiment with new home-made dishes. She also enjoys making art and traveling. Her favorite Delish dessert is a tie between the Lemon Bars and the seasonal Pumpkin Cheesecake Bread.

Want to join the team? Feel free to send your resume to delish@sprunty.com and we will keep it on record for when we’re hiring.

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