Tools We Use

Here’s a list of the different tools we use for each class.

Beginner Cupcake Decorating:

Each piping tip gives a different look. This small starter set including round, star, and french is the perfect way to get started. This set is the larger-sized tips.

We exclusively use the Ateco brand at the store because they are a great quality and afforadable. They are also assembled in the USA.

To add leaves to your rosettes, this tip set is the one to get. It has a couple different sizes and styles of leaf patterns. This is in the smaller size which can be used with a coupler.

Disposible pastry bags are a time saver. However if you want to save money and waste, there are resuable bags as well. This size is pretty universal and easy to handle when piping buttercream. Remember not to overfill your bag.

This is a helpful tool to get into all those tips to clean. We use it every day.

There are many different gel colorings you can use. Wilton or Americolor are sold in most national chains. I have found Chefmaster to have the best color matching to what they show on the bottle. They are heavily saturated so it doesn’t take much product to get the desired color. These colors not only work on buttercream, but are perfect for macarons, too. (This link if from a small business too, which I always appreciate.)


These larger piping bags are the perfect size for a batch of macarons.

The round tip is the one to pipe your best macaron. This set comes in a variety of sizes, which allows you some ways to experiment with different macaron shapes and sizes.

While we use a template and parchment, most home macaron makers use the silicone mat with the sizing already done for you. This gives different sizes and even a center starting point to give you a little help with consistency.

This cold temperature scraper/spatula is perfect for folding macaron mixes or scraping cake batter from a bowl. It grabs every last bit from the sides.

This food scale is like the one we use in the store. It can hold up to 33lbs for bigger batches of items.

Royal Iced Cookies

Not all meringue powders are made equal. During shortages and discontinuations, I’ve gone through many before settling down on this one as one of my favorites. It hardens well and seems to help keep colors from bleeding.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of royal iced cookies in your future, these bags may be the way to go. They can be reused easily and fit easily with couplers.

These couplers make it easy for you to switch out tips due to a clog or wanting to change the style.

The Ateco #2 tip is the most popular for cookie decorating. It makes a nice thin, but substantial border and reduced bubbles in your flood. This set comes with a #4 and a #6 which are helpful when you want to flood fast or use for buttercream writing.

If you dont want to mess around with couplers or tips, these tipless piping bags are the way to go.

This is my favorite off-set spatula to use when mixing royal icing. It easily fits in my hand and gets the job done. It’s also helpful in frosting cupcakes by hand or smoothing over little details in cakes.

While you can add water any way you would like, the spray bottle makes it a lot easier. It allows more control in how much water you add at the time which helps ensure you won’t have runny icing.

Pasta Class

While you may not think you need the commercial Kitchenaid, it is nice to have the larger 8 qt bowl and stronger motor. The attachments are also heavier duty and can whip through butter or knead doughs with no problem.

This pasta set allows you to make sheets for ravioli or tortellini, fettucini noodles, or spaghetti. All can be made from the same dough shown in class.

While we don’t use one in class, this holder is handy to keep your strands separated at home.

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