TTW: S’more Cookies

Even though I’m late in getting the treat to you, it wasn’t because Tia didn’t do it.  She’s kept up with her treat of the week and it is I who has delayed in getting it to you.  After doing breads and bars, Tia wanted to mix it up with something different.  It was the perfect time to bust out a s’more cookie.

I guess Tia is as interested for summer to get here as I am.  This cookie is based on the camping treat of graham crackers, Hershey chocolate, and marshmallow.  The dough of the cookie is made with crushed graham crackers and then topped with the traditional pieces.  When I sampled it, I thought the cookie was a bit crumbly for my taste.  It’s soft dough falls apart, not like how chewy one would hold it’s shape.  The marshmallow is what you would expect and it better be melted Hershey’s chocolate if you want satisfied cookie eaters.  If you even think of messing with semi-sweet or Nestle, you are ruining a classic combination.

I like the idea of these cookies.  They would be a great addition to any camping trip in lieu of the known s’more concoction.  The cookies reduce the worry of kids falling in the fire, what to do with marshmallow singed metal sticks, and how you get marshmallow out of a six year old’s hair.

Rating:  Delishy Goodness

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