Sentimental Thumbprint

In the town I grew up, there was one bakery.  Well, maybe there was more than one, but the one I’m thinking of kicked everyone else’s ass.  If you grew up in Bakersfield, you already know where I’m talking about.  Smith’s Bakery.  It didn’t have a fancy store front or crazy flavors to grab their customers’ attention.  Instead, they had some serious solids to bring their clientele back decade after decade.

Although I haven’t created their most iconic item, the smiley face cookie, I have attempted a variation of another favorite.  This is my original recipe of the thumbprint cookie.  It’s made with my favorite sugar cookie recipe and then rolled in chocolate jimmies.  After baking, I add a semi-sweet ganache instead of the traditional chocolate icing Smith’s’ uses.

I shared with a few peeps I know who have tried the Smith’s original and they were pleased with the soft cookie and extra chocolatey middle.  Like the cookie I modeled it after, it’s hard to only eat one.

This doesn’t mean I won’t stop by Smiths the next time I’m visiting the old homestead.  Instead, it gives me a cookie creation I can share with my current hometown that reminds me of my first home.

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      • Where is the recipe for the thumbprint cookie (your sugar cookie recipe) and the ganache? Thank you. Our equivalent in Lemoore was a small Portugese bakery named Godino’s. These are the only cookies I have ever liked.

  1. I live in Portland, Oregon and grew up in Bakersfield too. The Smiths Bakery thumbprint cookies are my absolute favorite and a must have every time I go home. Not to mention their champagne cake and cream cheese pastry. I’m excited to try your recipe. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Nothing better I’ve been in Bakersfield my whole life i make the the sugar cookies and thumbprint cookies with colorful frosting and am doing it right now for Valentine’s Day love our Smiths Bakery!!

    • Janet, would you be willing to share your recipe for the Thumbprint cookies that you use. I no longer live in Bakersfield and I’m dying to make them.

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