A Cookie Is Worth a Thousand Words

Recently, a friend of mine received tragic news about a family member.  As people on the outside, we stand around helpless wondering what we can do to help.  We don’t know what to say.  Distant from offering anything of actual comfort.  Patiently waiting until there’s a sign we are needed.

A couple weeks ago, I talked about making a giant cookie for my daughter’s seventh birthday.  My friend’s eyes lit up for the first time in many days and she asked if I’d make one for her, too.  Even though I would’ve totally understood drowning my sorrows in a sea of cookie, she said it was to cheer up the person suffering from the illness.

I happily made her this cookie to give as a gift.  What this cookie represented were all the things I wanted to say to make her feel better, the comforting prose to ease a bit of her pain, and show her how much I care.  It probably was the same message my friend wanted to convey to her family member as she struggles of what to do.

Sometimes, when we don’t know the right thing to say to help, it’s better let a cookie speak volumes.

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