Garden Inspiration

Tia’s a lucky lady.  Her husband has a terrific garden.  And he loves to do it?  She’s the envy of all the black thumbs out there like myself.  Each summer she has plenty of fresh vegetables.  Zucchini being one of the major producers.

Having so much zucchini, especially the giant ones, inspires one to use them in creative ways.  The natural choice is shredding the meaty vegetable for bread.  Tia produces loaves by the dozen in these last summer months.  The crunchy crust protects the fluffy bread inside.  Walnuts are sprinkled throughout for texture.  You can even mix in other ingredients to give a little flair.  (We’ll have an example later in the week.)

So if you’re buried under zucchini and trying to find something to do with them, quick bread is a wonderful choice.


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