M&M Mystery

For a long time I’ve wanted to make M&M cookies.  It seems easy enough.  You take some chocolate chip cookie dough and replace it with the colored candies instead of the typical chip, right?  Wrong.  If you do this, you end up with a bunch of cracked candy shells and a color seeping mess.

This holiday season my daughter really wanted M&M cookies for her class’ holiday party.  I thought it was a good time to unlock the mystery.  Come to find out it really wasn’t that difficult.  You do start with your regular chocolate chip cookie recipe sans the chips.  Scoop them into good size balls on your cookie sheet.  I prefered going with a larger size to make it even more party like.


Next press the cookie domes down so you have a flat service to work with.


Sprinkle on the M&Ms.


And push them in.  This will spread them around the surface area.  (That’s me trying to sound all math like.)


Finally you bake them the same as you do your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.


This may have seem like a simple change from the more traditional cookie but it definitely delivers its own fun.  The end result is a delicious and colorful cookie.  Trust me, this one is a crowd-pleaser for any age group.

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