Best of Both Worlds

Why wait for your birthday?  It’s time to treat yourself to ice cream and cake.  Here’s a fun way to combine both of your favorites to make a pretty incredible summer-time treat.

Start with making your favorite brownie recipe.  (I know it’s not really cake, but you’ll still be happy in the end.)  I went from scratch, but you could use a box mix to simplify the process.  You could…but it might not be as delish.

ice cream cake

Bake the brownies in a cookie sheet so you have enough space to cut out three 6 inch circles.

ice cream cake 3

Don’t worry about those extra brownie bits.  They’re going to get you through as you wait for this to be ready.

ice cream cake4

Line your 6 inch pans with plastic wrap and dump in your favorite ice cream about 1 inch thick.  This is where you can let your creativity and tastes shine.  You could do coffee ice cream for a mocha cake.  How about cookies ‘n cream for a cold Oreo?  Or even mint chip for the ultimate Thin Mint.  Do this for two layers and put it in the freezer until it sets up.  I stacked them on top of each other in the same cake pan because I’m kinda lazy at times.  I hate washing more than I have to.

ice cream cake5

After the layers are set, start assembling.  Once put together, put back in the freezer to have it set up.  The ice cream melts fast so your movements need to be swift.  Do yourself a favor and plan better than I did.  Let it sit overnight to harden.  This will save you slipping time later.

ice cream cake6

It’s time to whip up some whipped cream frosting and pile it on.  Whipped cream frosting is super easy.   Pour in heavy whipping cream.  I could say a cup, but I usually overdo it.  How can you have too much whipped cream.  So go for two cups.  Add 1/2 cup sugar in your two cups.  Then let it whip slowly and for a longer time period.  This helps from making big bubbles in the frosting which can deflate later.

ice cream cak7

You can spread it with a spoon to give a homemade feel.  Go ahead and eat a couple spoonfuls.  Or pile it up on some fresh strawberries to reward yourself.  Aren’t you glad you made extra?

I decided to smooth it out with an offset spatula like any other cake.  Then I covered the top in chocolate ganache and the leftover brownie my children hadn’t eaten:

ice cream cake8

I can’t tell you how delicious this was.  It’s the perfect combination to meet all your dessert wants.  I could have eaten all the parts separate but it was so much more enjoyable all mixed together.


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