Easy Candy Cane Cookies

In the holiday rush, sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about baking.  The last thing you’re prepared to do is offer something fantastic at a cookie exchange.  How about something that has a homemade WOW factor, but didn’t take all day in the kitchen?  This candy cane cookie is the perfect holiday treat.

I remember my sister making this cookie for every holiday package she put together.  People were amazed with her skill in molding two colors to mirror the holiday candy.  I’m going to show you an easy way to impress your friends just like she did.

First, you need sugar cookie dough.  I made mine from scratch.  You can too.  It’s really not that hard, I promise.  If you decide you don’t have the time, pick up a pre-made dough tube or one of those packets.  To give it that special touch, which makes it different than pre-made mix, mix in a teaspoon or two of peppermint extract.  Then divide the dough into two different bowls.

cane2Take one ball and mix in red food coloring.  I used my Red Velvet mix because I wanted a strong red instead of a pale pink.

cane 2.5

Add enough color until you get your desired effect.  I think mine took about 3-4 teaspoons.

cane3Then tear off some dough from each ball.  I took a quarter of each to make it easier to work with on my counter.  Roll lightly from your palm to fingertips to get each started.  Then mush the two colors next to each other.  (I did it separate at first and it didn’t work as well.)


Roll the two pieces into one with your hand.  Start in the middle and roll out to increase the length of the dough rope.

cane6Once you have a desired length, cut small portions to make your cane.  Once you have the size, twist the rope to make the candy cane.  You can keep it super easy by leaving it in the stick shape, but I think the curve makes the cookie.

cane5Lay it on the cookie sheet and turn the top for the hook on the cane.  Don’t worry if you mess up or the dough breaks.  Just smooche it back together.  It’s going to spread when it bakes.  And this is supposed to be easy, remember?


Bake on 350 for about 11 minutes.  (More if you like a crunchy cookie.)  Pull it out of the oven and let it cool.


All that’s left is to stack them on a plate and amaze your friends.  That’s if you don’t give in to the peppermint wafting in the air.  You might decide to skip the party, make a hot cocoa, and snack on your new holiday treat.

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