People love the smooth look and intricate design of royal iced cookies. Who doesn’t want their favorite thing, like an album cover, replicated in a cookie version where they can enjoy and then eat? These amazing designs show your creativity and themes to make your special day even more festive.

Then there comes the difficult moment of discussing the cost. How can one cookie cost ten dollars?!? I dread quoting a price because I worry there will be a horrible sneer as if I am trying to pull a fast one. When in reality, the price isn’t about the materials it takes to make the cookie, but the years of study to be able to create a successful final product. I thought it might be helpful to explain the process it takes to create a royal iced cookie.

The cookies begins will hoping I have a cutter fit for the cookie. If not, this requires each cookie to be hand cut with a small knife tracing the design. Once the cookie is done, it’s time to work on the icings. There was a time I tried to show my bestie how to mix the icing to the correct consistency since there are different ones for the different purposes. Some needs to be thicker for outlining while other needs to glide smoothly to fill the cookies. Bestie watched for an hour as I mixed several colors before tapping out.

Once the icings are all made, then it comes to applying it to the cookie. While this may appear simple, it’s surprisingly difficult to make sure you’re adding the right amount. Too much and it will flow over the edge, too little and the icing will look bumpy and uneven. Each color needs time to dry before you can start with the next one.

Once the first layer is completed, it needs to dry. Most of the time, it should wait overnight before starting the second layer. Some cookies require multiple layers so you can see how the time would add up for on little edible piece of art.

In the end, I’m looking at trying to make the cookies exactly like how you imagined when you ordered. Every time I slide the box across the counter to the customer, I wait with held breath for the unveiling. It means everything to me when the person says “Oh, it’s perfect.” Because at that moment, I feel they understand all the love and thought put into that single cookie. I hope they walk away thinking it was all money well spent.

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