Gather: Playing with Your Food

September is such a busy month with back to school, sports, holidays approaching, and the list could go on. It seems impossible to think now is a good time to entertain. However, September also brings the deep longing for comfort, coziness, and being with people we love. And nothing says those things quite like a warm bowl of soup.

While most of us might imagine curling up solo with a bowl of soup in lap and a good book (is that just me?), soup can easily serve a large group without slaving in your kitchen for days. This class will show you tips on how to make a deep flavored soup without a lot of time and how to make it an event rather than a starter course.

Class cost is $30/person and will include:

  • Signature drink
  • How to bring depth in flavor with little time
  • Budget friendly soups — 1.) French Onion Soup and 2.) Andalusian Soup
  • Making it interactive
  • Something sweet to finish

Plan to bring your appetite, personality, and laughter because we like to have a good time. There are 8 spots available. First come/first served. To guarantee your spot, fee will need to be paid in advanced.


Let’s Gather

Recently, a few people requested I do cooking classes. After first, I waved them off with a”Who me? Teach cooking? No one would want that” response. They disagreed so I decided to prove it with a poll of Delish followers. I was SHOCKED! There was an overwhelming YES from over 50 people. So…here we go.

I thought about Delish’s mission to bring people together to make a stronger community and wondered how these classes could support that focus. Then it hit me! Why not bring small groups of people together to meet in Delish’s kitchen and learn easy ways to have gatherings of their own? Not only will you be able to meet and laugh with some new people, eat and drink our creations, but you will have takeaways so you can easily entertain in your own home.

Each class will be themed, have a menu, and be open for 8 people to enroll. This small number allows each of us to interact with each other on a personal level while we play a little with our food. (Who are we kidding, it’s gonna be a party.) If a class fills up, I’ll open another one. It will run from 6:30pm – 8:30pm to enable all your hard-working people to get things taken care of before coming to relax and enjoy an evening with friends.

Classes will be announced on social media and enrollment will be first come, first served. There will be a $30 participatory fee that will be due at registration when you sign up at the Delish store.

Bring a friend for a night out or come alone to meet someone new. Either way, we will make sure to make good food, fabulous conversation, and great memories.