September is such a busy month with back to school, sports, holidays approaching, and the list could go on. It seems impossible to think now is a good time to entertain. However, September also brings the deep longing for comfort, coziness, and being with people we love. And nothing says those things quite like a warm bowl of soup.

While most of us might imagine curling up solo with a bowl of soup in lap and a good book (is that just me?), soup can easily serve a large group without slaving in your kitchen for days. This class will show you tips on how to make a deep flavored soup without a lot of time and how to make it an event rather than a starter course.

Class cost is $30/person and will include:

  • Signature drink
  • How to bring depth in flavor with little time
  • Budget friendly soups — 1.) French Onion Soup and 2.) Andalusian Soup
  • Making it interactive
  • Something sweet to finish

Plan to bring your appetite, personality, and laughter because we like to have a good time. There are 8 spots available. First come/first served. To guarantee your spot, fee will need to be paid in advanced.

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