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Too Much of a Good Thing?

There’s no denying Pinterest’s awesome power.  Tia picked up many recipes on there to supply her Treat of the Week challenge last year.  There’s no denying there have been lots of hits and some misses in searching through the oodles of images.

One trend I see the most in Pinterest, and the one I find the most horrifying, is stuffing one food into another.  For some reason all these culinary concoctions meet on the fertile grounds of the pinning landscape.  This creation Tia chose to make is one of those beasts.  The biggest I’ve ever seen at that.  This dessert is the essence of gluttony.  I give you what I affectionately call The Monster Cake.

monster cake

What is it you ask?  Let me give it to you in layers from the bottom to top.  Triple chocolate brownie, marshmallow, cookie dough, cheesecake, graham crackers, cheesecake, cookie dough, marshmallow, triple chocolate brownie, and ganache frosting.  I sugar-overdosed just reading it.

There’s no denying it was a hit with her team.  It took two people to carry the cake weighing over twenty pounds.  (Not really.  Tia is unbelievably strong–that part is true.)  Each person chewed on the thing for a whole day and probably still had enough to feed their family.

Tia swore she wouldn’t make it again on the fact it was very labor intensive and expensive.  I won’t do it out of pure spite.  It begs the question is there a point where there is too much of a good thing in a baked good?

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TTW: Red Velvet Cheesecake Bars

Like millions of other women out there, Tia and I are addicted to Pinterest.  It’s a hotbed for pinning different ideas and brainstorming our own twists on them.  One of our baking differences is Tia is traditional about following a recipe while I don’t sweat the details.  And at different times, we both are left scratching our heads wanting to know what went wrong.

Tia’s Treat of the Week was a recipe we both pinned separately and desperately want to try.  Tia cued it up for this week and we couldn’t wait to see the final product.  But what we got was something that left us perplexed.  Tia always doubles the recipe to feed her large team and the mooch batch of co-workers trolling around in the area when she brings in a tray.  But this might be part of the downfall of this recipe.  No doubles allowed.  Where the recipe indicated “dollops” of the cheesecake topping to be dropped in, Tia found the white creamed cake was covering the sea of red.  There was no swirl or anything resembling the photo we’d been gushing over for weeks.  Instead, the finished product baked up like this:

With any new recipe, Tia and I recap what went right and what went wrong.  The overall taste of the bar was good.  In our sampling of many cheesecake blend bars we’ve come to discover the cheesecake part doesn’t really stand out.  This one was the same.  However we didn’t expect the cheesecake part to separate and or the top to brown so much.  It isn’t anything near the creamy texture of cheesecake we were hoping for.  Even the red dye from the cake bled.  Not the look either of us wanted.

But this is the beauty of trying new recipes and having someone to talk to about them.  Tia’s team still mowed through them without hesitation.  Their representation of appreciation was evident even though it wasn’t the visual either of us expected.  It was a success for the team and a miss for the bars.

Rating:  Delish Miss