Crepe Cake: Irish Car Bomb

Years ago, Martha Stewart had a picture in her magazine of crepes stacked on top of each other with a chocolate ganache covering to make the most amazing looking cake I’ve ever seen.  And the most intimidating to be honest.  This week, I saw another spectacular creation of a crepe cake and decided I had to try one for myself.

I loved the flavor combination of the Irish Car Bomb cupcake from Brown Eyed Baker and thought it would transfer well to the crepe cake idea.  I started with the attempt at a Guinness flavored crepe.  The batter was easy to make by replacing some of the milk with beer.  I worried it might make it too bitter, but thought the sweetness of the cream and ganache would temper it out.  Then the worry transferred over into actually making a decent crepe.

When I was in high school, my mother who was a french teacher for many years taught me how to make a crepe.  I remembered them being easy at the time, but now I was seriously out of practice.  Here was the first attempt:

While it wasn’t what I was going for, it did lend itself to being a good taster to make sure the batter was right.  After a few goes at it, I had better success.  I don’t use a fancy crepe pan, even though I wouldn’t turn one down if it showed up at my door, and the shape turned out fine.

 After I finished the batter and had a pretty good stack, I started assembly.  To show you it really isn’t that difficult, I have my beautiful assistant completing the layers.  (Okay, she only did a few because I’m controlling that way when it comes to certain baked goods.  And by then she was bored.)

On top of each crepe, a thin layer of Jamison’s Irish Whiskey ganache was painted on.  This keeps the crepes from getting over soggy by the Irish Creme flavored whipped cream.

Then you spread over the filling.  Then repeat.  And repeat.  And repeat about 25 more times.  After the stack was finished, I let it chill in the fridge to set.  When firm, I brought it back out to cover with the remaining ganache.  I did learn, as with a normal cake, it makes it a much cleaner product to do a crumb coating.  In this case, it’s a cream coating.

If I would’ve left it without the top layer, it would not be the pretty, sleek covering I was going for.  Back into the fridge for another chill and then another coat.  When done, you have a nice looking coating.  But it is no match for what a slice looks like when cut.

After tasting, next time I would amp up the alcohol.  (Who’s surprised, right?)  But the flavors were a bit tame.  So much so, I was able to serve the thing at work.  It has a soft texture and unlike any cake you’ve ever had.  Some prefered sticking with traditional and others ate up the richness of this cake.  Either side you fall on, all admitted this is one fine looking cake.

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