TTW: Hawaiian Bread

We’ve been buried under grey clouds and rain for far too long.  Last week it even snowed.  To fight away the dreaded winter blues, Tia showed up with a tropical quick bread.  Right from the start, the cheery yellow color brightened the room (and day).  The texture was typical of a quick bread with a dense middle flecked with coconut pieces and a nice soft crust around the outside.  The bread alone was delicious.

The thing which takes this bread to a different level than the typical banana or zucchini is the fact it came with a great spread.  Now, I will tell you Tia’s husband did not like the macadamia nuts in the cream cheese spread.  I disagree.  The crunch with the sweetness of pineapple chucks and the tang of the cream cheese made it something interesting.  (Looked pretty cool, too.)

It was a nice treat to remind us summer will be here one day and we will see the sun.  Even though we expect a heavy dose of rain next week, the bread gave me hope of feeling warmth again.  Okay, it didn’t really do all of that, but it was sure darn good.

Rating:  Really Delish

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