Just Roll With It

Tia and I are in agreement, we are no bread makers.  In our fantasy bakery, it includes quick breads, but nothing with yeast.  We even batted around the title of the blog to be No Yeast.  But over the weekend, my daughter with her big blue eyes asked if I could make some cinnamon rolls.  She’s made this request before and I’ve put it off with chalking it up to “one of these days.”  But this weekend, there must have been a special twinkle in her eye because I caught the magic.

Too bad no one told the cinnamon rolls.  More specifically, no one told the yeast.  I made a crucial error of using old yeast.  Of course you really don’t know it’s old yeast until you go to the first proofing.  When it didn’t double in size as the recipe said it would, I knew all was lost.  But by this time it was ten o’clock on Saturday night and my daughter was expecting fresh rolls in the morning.

However, I did like the look and I feel that all baking experiments should be posted, not only the successes.  So here are my cinnamon rolls:

At this point, I know the yeast is bad. But I love the way it cuts.
They should have expanded at this stage. They didn't.
They didn't grow much, but I love the swirl look.
Frosting fixes everything.

Were they perfect?  No.  Am I satisfied with this being the final attempt at cinnamon rolls?  No.  Was there a happy girl on Sunday morning?  Yes.  And as with all baking, that’s the important part.

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