TTW: Rainbow Cake

From the moment I saw the creation of Rainbow Cake I’ve been gushing, “We must make this.”  Tia answered the call before I had a chance.  It didn’t mean I was out of the loop.  In fact, we had many conversations about it before it was created.  But Tia did all the heavy lifting to complete the masterpiece.

After many oooh’s and aaah’s, people wanted to know how it was done.  The easy answer–you make a lot of cake and it takes a lot of time.  But if you are still interested, here’s a play-by-play.

Mix up your first batch of batter, divide it into two, and bring out your colors.  First step is coloring the batter:

The next step is baking.

Repeat three times until you have all the colors.

Now comes the assembly.  This is the area where we had the most discussion.  You could stack all your cakes and have an enormous final product.  I’m sure the kids would love it.  But I wanted something normal looking (and Tia agreed).  This is where you split the cakes and start assembling TWO separate cakes.  Yup, you heard me right — two.

As with any cake, especially important with a light-colored frosting, you need to do a crumb coating.  Tia used a whipped cream frosting which I think adds to the idea of the clouds on the outer edges of the rainbow.

The most amazing part is when you cut it open.  Remember those ooohs and aaahs I was talking about earlier?

Pretty cool, huh?  You can see at this finished level it’s important to have thin layers of white frosting between each of the cakes.  This really brings out the colors and keeps the cake from being a giant.

This cake definitely has a WOW factor.  I can’t wait to make it myself.  I’m excited to try some frosting techniques to match the coolness of the inside.  It isn’t really necessary because in the end, it’s about how it tastes.  And this cake was moist and delish!

Rating: A Rainbow of Flavor Delish.

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