TTW: Snickers Brownie

I know the site has been a little delayed lately.  Don’t worry.  Tia is still cranking out her weekly’s.  It’s the fault of the blogger they have not made their way to the web.  I’m currently in the works to correcting this problem.

Here is a decadent one to keep you on a sugar high until I figure out the best way to keep this blog current.  This is a Snickers brownie that has about a million variations on Pinterest.  I will tell you, Tia said there was a lot of cursing when these bad boys were made.  They are difficult to cut and get out of the pan.  We’ve discussed some ideas for the future, like lining the sheet with parchment. But we wanted to give you the warning.  These suckers are ooey-gooey.

They also pack a punch in the sugar department.  If you have a weak sweet tooth, this will knock you over.  If you are sugar-lovin’ enough to handle a brownie inspired by a candy bar, than you are going to be in Heaven.

Rating: Doesn’t matter.  Tia said she’s NEVER making them again.

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