TTW: Strawberry Bread

For a few minutes, we saw a flash of spring.  There was warm sun beating down on our skin and even the whim of wearing shorts.  In this quick spurt there was enough time for strawberries to grow and the local strawberry stand to open.  To welcome this change of the season, Tia wanted to work the strawberry into a quick bread.

The outside of the bread has a golden crust with the dark pink from cooked strawberries peaking through.  Tia purchased super-ripe, freshly picked strawberries.  This may have not been what the recipe was expecting.  Although the outside is pretty, the inside was a bit lack luster.  The strawberries turned into a bright pink mush and sunk to the bottom.  We decided to only remember the pretty:

If you would like to try, here is the recipe  They also have a lovely picture of what the inside should look like.  I will also added, the taste was delish!

Rating: Fresh Delish

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