TTW: Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake

This is a perfect treat for a 4th of July morning.  And it’s super good, too!  I’m not a big fan of the blueberry muffin, but this cake is so much more.  The cake is moist, light and a nice ratio of blueberries to cake.  The crust on top has a crunch and a beautiful brown color.  The buttermilk does something to it to give it that something different.  But it’s the lemon zest that steals the show.  It gives a refreshing taste to the small blue fruit.

Tia served it warm and it was blueberry goodness.

The recipe is found here:  It has beautiful photos to take you through the steps and make even the most novice baker create something delish!

Rating: Patriotic Delish

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