Strike! A Bowling Cake

A bowling party must be a right of passage for every parent.  There must be something about a lot of screaming while hurling heavy balls down a lane that resonates with every child under the age of seven.  Even I have hosted a bowling party in my day.  I did before I was creative in the baking world.  There are no photographs of my kid’s birthday cake because it was the traditional sad round cake with some plastic pins on top.

To celebrate a little boy’s 4th birthday, Delish created a new look to a regularly requested cake.  Instead of plastic pins, this rack is made of cookie.  The 3D gives interest to a normal sheet cake that can feed the masses.  If someone isn’t a fan of cake (my son is one of these weirdos) they can have a cookie instead.

From what I heard, the cake was a hit.  Er…a strike!

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