The Big Reveal

In honor of my girlfriend who is delivering twins, I decided to show an idea I think is terrific.  I love the idea of a reveal cookie.  Since about no one waits for the birth to announce the sex of their child, the reveal parties are becoming more popular by the minute.

The expectant parents have the ultrasound tech seal up the sex for them to run right over to their baker of choice.  The baker cooks in the color either in cookies, cupcakes, or cakes.  The outside is frosted in something gender neutral to hide the color.  When everyone is together, the revealing begins.   Everyone bites in to find either pink or blue (or a mix if you are having both — boy, that would be fun.)

I saw this idea first on Sugarbelle’s website.  Realizing she is an incredible artist, I’ve gone with a rattle cookie and a minimalist design.  Even though I’m past my pregnant years, I can’t wait for everyone around me to want one of these cookies.

She’s having girls!

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