Royal Iced Cookies

Color Me 40!

To celebrate the 40th birthday of a dear friend from high school, I wanted to surprise her with a splash of color.  The cookies were inspired by my friend’s amazing skill.  Her art talent always marveled me.  She painted beautiful images on canvas or doodled fun sketches in notes.  I always envied admired her talent.

Since all my high school buddies are going through “the change” this year with cresting over the hill to forty, I wanted a little fun to show up in the mail to help get through the day.  Because even if their design doesn’t make up for the fact you are venturing into another decade, eating cookies always makes things better.

Happy Birthday Jamie!
Happy Birthday Jamie!
Royal Iced Cookies

Something Sweet

I love creating cookies for my mom.  We brainstorm together about what design would suit her need.  She marvels at how good they look and is still a little shocked I’m the one who can make them.  I did use to burn everything and once (infamously) ruined boxed macaroni and cheese.  For the record, I was twelve.

I love it most when she wants cookies for her senior golf partners and friends.  These women keep my mom feeling young by still swinging the clubs in their 80’s and 90’s.  And they love cookies.  My mom asked for these to be made special so the ladies knew how much they are cared for by their young friend down the street.  They were over the moon excited for the cookies and for having a friend like my mom.  I couldn’t agree with them more.

friends garden

Royal Iced Cookies

Congratulations Peter!

This is a fabulous day for my little nephew Peter.  Well, he’s not so little any more.  In fact, today he’s becoming a religious man.  Okay, well not exactly.

Today Peter is having his first communion.  A real right of passage in the Catholic world.  An honor in which he is very proud.  Peter lives a state away.  I wish it was closer so I could squeeze the cuteness out of him and tell him how proud I am of him.  Even though I can’t be there, I sent some cookies to share my love.




The fabulous Bake at 350 has the step by step tutorial if you too want to share your love with your far away nephews.  Or nieces.

Royal Iced Cookies

Riding in the Sun

Who doesn’t love to soak up rays when the sun finally makes an appearance?  In our house it means motorcycles.  Hubs has one and now my children have little dirt bikes too.  I, on the other hand, stick to four wheels.  The closest I get to a motorcycle is cookies.  And even with that, I only made it to the scooter.



Royal Iced Cookies

A Tisket, A Tasket


Easter is a week away and I wanted to bust out some holiday themed treats.  I love 3D cookies.  From the moment I saw the pinata cookie, I fell deeply in love with making objects out of cookies.

My first attempt at 3D cookie art was a drum set inspired by my fave band, The Airborne Toxic Event.  Since then I’ve looked for inspiration to make another cookie stand up.  Easter baskets were the perfect muse.  Once I had the idea down, design was the next thing.  What other color would I choose to make a 3D cookie basket?  I wish I could take the credit, but it was my visiting mother who responded quickly with “yellow” when I asked what color basket to make.

Start out by cutting out the circles sized to how big you want your basket.  Then use a smaller cutter to cut out the inside.



If you’re like me, you’ll bend the fragile circle and have an egg-shaped ring.  (See that one in the bottom, left corner?)   This may look fine now, but when you try to assemble your basket it will be mis-shaped.  A simple fix is reshape it on your baking sheet with the original cookie cutter.  Wiggle it around and work it back to the right shape.


When the cookie are baked and cooled, use royal icing to stick the layers together.  (Don’t worry about those littler circles.  I have an easy fix to make them something special in a future blog.  Or you could eat them.)

Once the icing is dry, use your imagination to decorate the outside as simple or complex as you want.  I pulled out some miscellaneous royal icing flowers and dots I had from leftover icing.  I put handles on the baskets, but you don’t have to.  In fact, one broke in construction and I kinda like that one better.

I filled them with green shredded coconut grass.  I made some small egg cookies to go inside, but they weren’t cute.  Since the kids like to find chocolate in their baskets, I went the easy route and bought chocolate hard-shelled eggs.  And it’s not like I minded sampling the hard-shelled chocolate eggs as I created the final product.  In the end, the cookie basket and the candy were a big hit with everyone.