A Confused Dessert

Is it a pie?  Or is it a cake?  I was confused when I first heard about the Boston Cream Pie.  I assumed since the words “pie” and “cream” were in the name, it would have a crust and a creamy filling.  Crazy, I know.  What a surprise to find layers of cake, with pudding in the middle, and a chocolate ganache rolling down the sides.

After tasting Tia’s cupcakes, I knew I wanted to try the bigger version.  I also wanted something different on outside look.  Usually being different in a cake means exposing the side.  In the world of Boston Cream it means frosting the sides.  Don’t worry, even though you can’t see it, the middle stayed with tradition.  Four layers of vanilla cake are separated by gobs of pastry cream.  On the outside, the ganache spreads to a smooth covering with little dollops of pastry cream to hint what is inside.

This dessert shows you can have your cake, or pie, and eat it too.

bostom cream

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