Meringue Flower Cups

It’s hard to find desserts for an Easter brunch.  After gorging on chocolate bunnies and sugary Cadberry eggs, a heavy dessert does not sound appetizing.  What could be lighter than a meringue?

After whipping up a Swiss meringue, you are able to load up your pastry bag and make any design you want.  You could pipe a simple kiss for bite-size treats or create a small bowl for something more substantial.

You can follow any meringue recipe you want.  I like the texture of the Swiss meringue buttercream, but stop before adding the butter.  Bake at 200 degrees until crisp, but not browned.  Then turn off the over and let it rest for four additional hours to overnight.   This makes it perfect for a Saturday afternoon in prep for the Sunday festivities.  In the end, you can end up with a beautiful bowl that looks like a rose.

merangue top

Next, an easy recipe to go in it.

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