A Berry Delicious Dessert

The title might be simple, but so is the dessert.  This quick berry sauce will be the perfect topping for light meringues.  It doesn’t have exact measurements or precise ingredient lists..  It could probably be substituted with frozen berries.  This dessert is meant to make your life easy and enjoy time with family.

Start with any fresh berries you have in the fridge.  It’s a perfect place to use up those blueberries and raspberries which may have gotten soft.  Reserve a quarter of your berries off to the side.  Dump the rest into a sauce pan and add some water.  The amount depends on how many berries.  Just enough to make a sauce without turning it into soup.  Don’t overanalyze it.  Don’t sweat this small stuff.  Start out with a quarter to  half cup of water for your two cups of berries.  Add a bit of sugar (again to your preference) and simmer on low heat.

Once the berries have bubbled to burst and reduced the water down to a deep berry sauce, turn off the heat.  Add a little lemon zest if you want a pop of fresh.  Throw in your reserved berries and you’re done!  Really, that’s it.

I chilled mine for a bit so it didn’t melt the whipped cream in the middle of my meringue bowl.  If you go at it hot, it would make a terrific topping to some vanilla ice cream. Yum!  Either way it’s fast, easy, and your guests will love it.


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