Banana Brownie

Doesn’t it always seem like you have bananas around that have turned to the brown stage?  Inevitably, because you hate ingredients to go to waste, you make banana bread.  Or you venture to something new like a banana bar.  But the other day when I perused around Pinterest, I came upon the Banana Brownie.

At first I fluffed it off as a bar form of banana bread.  That was until I got to the brown butter frosting.  It sealed the deal.  Although brownie may bring chocolate to mind, there isn’t a morsel of cacao found in this brownie.  It was more the texture than anything that made it brownie-like.  Many loved the frosting and were cordial to the brownie part.  (I think they wanted the original chocolate brownie instead.)  The frosting however might need to make another appearance on other baked goods.

banana brownie

This is a good variation to the classic banana bread.  Life’s Simple Measures does a great job with the tutorial and uses 3-4 bananas you didn’t get a chance to eat.  In the end, how can you go wrong with a brownie?

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