Here Comes the Sun

The Pacific Northwest doesn’t see the sun during winter.  After long months of cold and rain, we crave the feeling of warmth on our face.  It doesn’t take much to spark our excitement at the tease of spring.  With the first sign of cherry trees starting to blossom, our hearts race with the hope sun is on its way.

After celebrating a few days of beautiful weather, I’m ready for spring to stay.  In hopes of coaxing seventy degree weathered days, I give you to a yellow Ombre ruffle cake.  What is Ombre, you ask?  I say to you “Have you been living under a rock?” or “You must not be on Pinterest.”  (Same thing, really.)  Ombre is the gradation of color on anything, like hair, artwork, and cake.  The inside is a lemon cake with a lemon curd filling.

ombre cake

This cake was made for a charity auction.  It was my way to give back to my town and help them raise money for important programs to benefit my neighbors and friends.  Another way to warm my heart.

I hope this cake inspires sunshine in you too.  Maybe if we make more sunny desserts, spring will arrive and decide to stick around for a while.

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