Happy Mother’s Day

Hats off to all the moms out there.  I know I put my mom through many tests when growing up.  And she wishes them all back on me with my own daughter who already mimics some of my younger moves.  Every year I struggle to find something my mother doesn’t already have or can easily get herself.  We’ve come to that time in our lives where I’ve resorted back to homemade gifts.

While she gets to pick what type of cookie or cake I’ll make for her, I created this set with her in mind.  I wanted to try out a new stenciling technique I thought she would like to use for one of her parties.  Sorry there isn’t a step by step yet.  This was the trial run.  I love the effect so much I know I will be doing it again when I find better stencils.

Mom's Cookies

As for all you mothers, mothers-to-be, or mothers-in-spirit out there, these cookies are for you too.  It’s a tough job.  Please know the heart you have makes the world a better place for everyone.

Thanks Mom.

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