Swimming with Seahorses

The sun has made enough of an appearance for us to consider it might be warm enough to go swimming.  We are very lucky because our friends have a lovely pool.  This holiday weekend they have even been gracious enough to invite us over for cocktails and swimming.  Adults do the cocktails.  Kids do the swimming.

To celebrate the joy in having a three-day weekend, here are some seahorse cookies.


These were created after the tutorial from my cookie idol Sugarbelle.  Seriously, if you are around a computer and me, I’m pulling up her website to gush.  My daughter selected the styles and had a terrific time eating her creations.

While I may not have made anything patriotic today, it doesn’t mean I’m not very appreciative for the service men and women who support our freedom.  To honor them we should enjoy every wonderful moment they have sacrificed for.

Enjoy the cookies, the sun, the swimming, and most of all, your freedom.

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