Candy Cake

Last week we celebrated a birthday in my house.  My daughter turned 8 years old.  Like every year, she gets to pick what kind of cake she would like.  This year she wanted ice cream.

After getting over the shock from my daughter asking for a non-baked cake, we came to the understanding she did was some actual cake in the creation too.  And she wanted real ice cream, not the Dairy Queen cake which has no actual cake in it.

We collaborated to make her the dream cake.  Kit Kats are her favorite candy so it was easy to let her choose the surround.  For the topping she wanted an M&M mix with plain and peanut.  The ribbon was my touch.

This cake is covered in candy and stuffed with ice cream.  An eight year old’s perfect cake.  Hope you like it too.

anna birthday

anna birthday2

One lesson learned:  This would be much less messy if it weren’t an ice cream cake.  Once the M&Ms come out of the freezer, the condensation makes their colors run.  For us, it added a little more color to our birthday celebration.

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