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Before baking, I had another love in my life.  Writing.  In the last four years I’ve dedicated myself in my journey to become a published author.  A step in that direction has me reading lots of Young Adult books and tireless learning the craft to become a better writer.  This weekend at a writer’s conference, all my worlds collided when I met Eileen Cook.  Yes, freakin’ Eileen Cook!  Not only meet, but talk.  Well, maybe more like red faced-blabbing, but in my memory I will turn it into well thought-out conversation.  Anywho, she was nice, funny, and gave me some great feedback on the writing.

So I gave her a set of cookies.  I’ve been dying to show to everyone.  And she liked them.  She really, really liked okay.  (Yes, I know that’s cliché.  Did you not read the part about the red-faced blabbing?)  So here they are for you.

eileen cook

To see the breakdown, here they are up close and next to their inspiration.

almost truthused to beEducation of Hailey

unraveling isobel

What Would Emma Dorevenge lauren

I must also tell you if you ever have the chance to listen to her speak, you better jump right on it.  She was terrific!  She packed every chair in one class (I haven’t seen anyone do that before).  She was also very sweet in answering my fangirling tweets all weekend.  We even had lunch together.  It was fabulous.

Please let me know in the comments which is your favorite book cookie?

Photo: Eileen Cook and me. I'm fangirling all over the place. She loves the cookies. Will be on blog soon.


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