Said With Flowers

Getting flowers is one of those simple pleasures in life.  Well, it’s really not that simple because they are usually pretty expensive, difficult to maintain, and die relatively quick.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could send the love without the hassle?

New neighbors recently moved in and Hubs was quick to get over to introduce himself.  I’m not quite sure what happened in those ten minutes or if Hubs will be trusted on his own again.  What I do know is he came back to inform he’d promised the neighbor some cookies.

“I told him you have an in-home bakery,” he said.  “I thought it would be good for business.”  Even though I wasn’t excited at first, I warmed up to the idea of giving something to new people to let them know they are welcomed.

welcome flower

I made a larger set for an AmericanWest bank branch who stopped a thief from cashing a large check on my mother-in-law’s account.  It happened to fall on the same day she passed away.  Can you imagine the terrible mess they saved us by that teller having the courage to say no to a person trying to cash a check?  They were very helpful during a tough time for our family and a flowered thank you seemed only fitting.

thank you flowers

For either occasion, flowers were the perfect way to let someone know we appreciate them.  The fact they could eat them to was icing on the cookie.

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