Simplified Guppies

Last week I showed the Bubble Guppies cake I created for a one year old’s birthday.  When I created the cake, there was a little voice in the back of my head whispering “You’re making this too hard.”  My guess is the voice stems from all the Sugarbelle tutorials I’ve poured over for the last couple years.

Sugarbelle has great talent in taking a difficult piece and simplifying the look.  I’ve even replicated her Spiderman, which I easily adapted to add a Venom.  I decided to try it on the Bubble Guppies.  Below is the original with the sideways glances and full bodies.  This took many hours with painstaking detail.


And here’s the simplified version with only their faces:

easy guppies

I finished the whole simplified set in about 30 minutes.  No pictures or Kopykake needed.  Only the icing and me.  Then I realized I kinda liked them more.  Their cute faces with big eyes was endearing.  They would’ve made a great addition to the large blue cake.

The moral to this story is sometimes simpler is better.  I hope this inspires you to simplify different things in your life to prove you can still get awesome results with less worry.

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