Celebrating in One Direction

If there was a chance I could eat my favorite singer when I turned ten, there would’ve been Julian Lennon cookies all over the place.  Instead, I settled for his poster in my room and my monthly letter from the fan club.

When the very nice woman who watches my children said it was her granddaughter’s birthday and they were celebrating with a One Direction theme, I knew exactly what to do.

Sugarbelle did a wonderful tutorial on how to make these simple One Direction cookies.  I was excited to have the chance even though I have no idea what names goes with each face.  The only one I know is Harry and that’s because my 8 year old daughter kept saying it was a funny name for him because he has so much hair.

I chose to cut the cookies in a heart shape to allow each party goer the chance to pick their future love destiny.  In seventh grade, my girlfriends and I would pour a bag of M&Ms into a bowl and name each color for a boy.  We then rummage our fingers through it to pull one out at a time.  At the end, the person with the most of one color was destined to marry the boy.  It’s very scientific.  It’s how I met Hubs. (Just kidding.)

one direction

I think this way is much more sanitary.,  And delicious.  It also allows a special birthday girl to celebrate with the whole band.

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