A Sprinkle of Color

At the beginning of the school year, Hubs took the day off to escort the kids when they met their teachers.  At the time it was crazy busy at my 8-5 job and I appreciated him taking on our responsible parent duties.  Hubs came home and triumphantly stated he signed me up for cupcakes and cookies for the class party.

This was an exciting announcement since in 2013 I certified the kitchen, opened Delish officially, and was now able to bring baked goods into the kids’ classrooms.  When the first party came up, I happily made separate things for each classroom and basked in the bakery glory.

When the second party rolled around and the sign up sheet came home, I grew suspicious when I saw my name written in Hubs’ handwriting under cupcakes and cookie category.  “He signed me up for two?” I thought.  As soon as Hubs walked through the door I asked about the second party sign up.  His smiling answer?  “I signed you up for every party for the entire year.  For both classes.”

I love Hubs dearly even though at that moment I wanted to scream “are you crazy?”  This meant two different desserts for two large classrooms due on the same day.  The kids have no idea about scheduling when they chirp up with their wish list and I can’t disappoint with the excuse about it being too hard.  They deserve better than that because they are just as excited about Delish and have to sacrifice many mommy hours for its success.  However, we have gotten a bit creative to minimize the time effort.

Most recently, my son had vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting while my daughter insisted on sprinkles.  Easy enough.  Same batter with a simple twist and different frostings.  For the funfetti cupcakes, I added sprinkles to the batter before baking.  When done, they looked like this:

sprinkles 1

On top, a cream cheese frosting.  If I wanted to make this even easier on myself, I would’ve convinced my son the white frosting tasted pretty good too.  But he does like chocolate.  The sprinkles on top gave it the some special with color to make it individual to my daughter’s tastes.

sprinkles 2

In the end, I had two parties completed with two seemingly different desserts.  Most importantly, I had two very happy kids.

sprinkles 3

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