Tia knows I love minis.  Anything where the original version has been shrunk down, I’m a sucker for.  This goes for little Redken shampoos, small Ciroc vodka bottles, and tiny Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.  So when she wanted to surprise me with just a little touch of spoiling, I got my favorite dessert coconut cream pie in a miniature version. coconut cream miniAren’t they adorable?  So easy to pop a whole bite in your mouth.  Or maybe even scarf down three in a sitting.  Don’t judge, it’s my favorite!  The perfect thing about a mini is the ability to splurge without being excessive.  Unless, you eat three.  (Hey…that sounds awfully judgy.)

The next time you’re feeling like you want to pamper yourself without the guilt the next day, try a mini.  It may be the exact thing you wanted.

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