Mini Makes a Big Impression

Tia knows I love minis.  Anything where the original version has been shrunk down, I’m a sucker for.  This goes for little Redken shampoos, small Ciroc vodka bottles, and tiny Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.  So when she wanted to surprise me with just a little touch of spoiling, I got my favorite dessert coconut cream pie in a miniature version. coconut cream miniAren’t they adorable?  So easy to pop a whole bite in your mouth.  Or maybe even scarf down three in a sitting.  Don’t judge, it’s my favorite!  The perfect thing about a mini is the ability to splurge without being excessive.  Unless, you eat three.  (Hey…that sounds awfully judgy.)

The next time you’re feeling like you want to pamper yourself without the guilt the next day, try a mini.  It may be the exact thing you wanted.


A Chopped Dessert

We had a friendly little cooking competition at work based on the Chopped television show.  For the dessert round, the secret ingredients were bananas, Sprite, and peanuts.  We don’t have the same pressure with only twenty minutes on the clock, but there’s pressure all the same.

Tia took well to the challenge.  She found a delicious recipe where the Sprite wild card was easily incorporated into the icing.  (You don’t have to do that part.)  The recipe also calls for a store bought crust.  Sacrilegious in our baking world.

I introduce you to the dessert calzone.  Pictured is a mini version where the recipe makes a large one.  Your choice on how you want the final product to look.  Either way it was delicious.


For recipe, click here.


California Quiche

Quiche is one of those treats I love because of its versatility.  Not only can you eat it for several meals, but the flavor combinations are endless.  This California version reminds me of the state I crew up in.  Inside this fluffy pie is bacon and cheddar cheese with the avocado slices on top adding a creamy richness.

As I’ve noted before, I love minis.  Of course I’ve made a version of this one too in an individual size.

See how pretty it looks when it’s an individual size?

If you are pressed for time, a store bought crust can make it a lot easier.  But if you have the extra twenty minutes, the homemade crust is worth it.  Enjoy!

Pies, Tia's Treat of the Week

Individual Makes It Sweeter

Thanksgiving means pie.  Don’t try to deny it.  You’re guests are expecting pumpkin and probably apple.  How can you surprise them with something different, but sticking to traditions?  Make it individual.

Tia made this little goodie as a Treat of the Week and vowed to never do it again.  It’s a popular post 0n Pinterest and has it’s good points.  It’s something different when an apple pie is pretty expected.  It presents well on a prepare plate.  You do need to have a pretty good crust recipe because there is a lot of it.

In the comments let us know how it turns out for you.


A Flexible Meal

Quiche is one of those simple mysteries in life.  Is it breakfast?  Lunch?  Brunch?  Would you dare to serve it at dinner?  When is the perfect time for the savory pie?

There are two things I adore.  1.) Quiche.  The flaky crust holds in a fluffy egg mixture mixed with the most interesting flavor combinations you can imagine.  2.) Minis.  Individual sized things call to me, such as little bottles of my favorite alcohol. Go ahead, ask Tia.  If it comes in a smaller version, I must have it.  So why not combined the two?

Asparagus and Gruyere

This mini-quiche makes the perfect meal for any time.  It stands by itself for breakfast.  Add a side of fruit for a quick lunch or brunch.  Or serve with a delicious salad for a fancy parisian dinner.   These little individual tarts are the perfect size to impress and satisfy.