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A Beautiful Day

Cookies made to match a very special invitation. Congratulations Mike and Tom. Much love.

TTW: Oatmeal Scotchies

Cookies are pretty darn good.  It’s hard to beat a well made cookie.  Tia has a “no hard” rule about her cookies.  They must have a crisp crunch on the exterior and then a softness when your teeth continue the bite.  These oatmeal scotchies do exactly that. If you’re looking for a pretty darn good oatmeal cookie and …

Work In Progress

Catching a baker in the middle of a creation can seem like chaos.  Cookies spread across every open space, flour dusting the walls next to the mixer, or frosting painting the countertop can give the illusion of a crazy mess.  But every baker out there will tell you it only looks like that for a …