Royal Iced Cookies

Eight-Legged Fun

I love adding a splash of color in the web against the black background.  This same effect can be done with white or any color combination you like.  I happened to have black on hand. I considered adding sparkles to the spider, but the multi-colored body won out.

Warning:  If you do serve your children black frosting, don’t be surprised when their mouths turn into Night of the Living Dead.  They can’t help getting it all over their lips (if they’re anything like mine) and the black coloring turns their teeth into a look of decay.  No worries, a toothbrush corrects the problem.

Royal Iced Cookies

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Sometimes I wonder if two heads are really better than one.  In baking, it’s definitely true for two reasons.  1.) I love working with Tia.  It’s been so nice having someone to bounce baking ideas off of and review the limits of frosting.  2.)  When it comes to cookies, two are always better than one.

In a continued celebration of the season, these skulls were created.  While without the eyeballs they have a scary effect, I like the addition of the eyes and teeth to add dimension to the cookie.