If Life Gives You Lemons

My standard answer to the riddle of what to do when life gives you lemons is to make a lemon drop.  And I will admit I make a mean one at that.  Tia and I are funny about our agreed love for the lemon drop even with two very different home recipes.  My packs a punch with a lot of alcohol.  (What a surprise!)  Hers is more the traditional bar concoction.  Mine usually wins out when we get together because I’m forcing it down her throat.  But I digress.

The other awesome part of having a bunch of lemons is making a lemon cake.  I’d been wanting to try one for quite some time.  I love the freshness of the lemon, the fluffiness of the cake, and the kick of tart from the zest in the batter.  I also wanted to try a recipe for whipped cream frosting PLUS a new ruffle technique.

There were lots of experiments on this cake.  Luckily, they paid off.  You’ll see from the picture, I need to work on my ruffling.  I’m also going to try it with a different frosting because I don’t think the softness of the whipped cream is good at giving that delicate look at the end of the ruffle.  But to my defense, it was DELISH!

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