Angry Birds Cake Pops

My kids and nephews LOVE angry birds.  I’m not quite sure the allure of this game, but it must be something great.  Or at least have great marketing.  Have you seen the line of gear?  They’re even selling pillows in Costco now.  When I asked my sister what my nephews would like made out of cake, she came back quickly with “Angry Birds.”

Even though I only did four out of the entire collection, I was pleased with how they turned out.  They are a traditional cake pop with homemade chocolate cake and chocolate frosting.  (This makes all the difference, in my opinion.)  It’s the regular technique of shaping and dipping.  If you want to know how, I suggest watching a Bakerella video.  The beaks are chocolate covered sunflower seeds and the eyes are made from left over royal icing.  (You can also buy them at Michaels or Walmart in the cake decorating section.)  The tops on the black and red ones are licorice and the pigs features are M&Ms.  See?  Easy.

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