Carrot Pop

Easter is almost here and more treats are being dug up.  Carrot cake seems the natural choice for the season.  And what better way to celebrate than to form the soft cake pop middle into something cute?


Inside these sweet vegetables are our signature carrot cake mixed without not-too-sweet cream cheese frosting.  They are a fantastic way to have a few bites of cake to satisfy your craving.  It also gets kids to give carrot cake a shot.  Once they do, they’ll be asking for it again and again.  That’s if they’re anything like my kids.


Easy Elegance

I have a sure-fire dessert anyone can do. It only takes a few minutes but brings an elegance to any table. It’s chocolate covered strawberries.

First, to make this easy, ditch the tempering chocolate part. You can use the inexpensive white bark from your local Walmart or add color with the chocolate wafers from Michaels. Make sure to wash and completely dry the strawberries before dipping or your chocolate will seize.  Melt chocolate in the microwave  at 30 seconds at a time, stirring at each interval.  Next dip.


After dipping, lay them on parchment.  This chocolate coating is made to set up and usually does in a couple minutes.  You could stop here, but they look a little boring.


To give it some extra flair, melt some colored chocolate wafers in a sandwich bag and cut off the corner.

Fancy, huh?
Fancy, huh?

Then drizzle across the strawberries in a quick back and forth motion.  As you can see, it doesn’t have to be pretty.  All the extras on the sides will break off after it sets.


And voila!  Easy peasy.  You have an elegant piece to add to any celebration.  I used it for one of four mini desserts for a work baby shower.  Not too bad for an office party, right?



Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

The blog has been a little quiet in the month of June.  Delish has been very busy behind the scenes.  We are very excited to share with you some of our growth and changes very soon.

For now, we have a chocolate cake and ganache cakepop to express our excitement.



A Pint Bomb

You say you aren’t intimidated by the stick?  You’ve seen the Irish Car Bomb mini cakes and the Bomb Bites and you still want another use for the leftover cake and frosting in the car bomb flavors?  You want a creative design that doesn’t require food coloring pens and special sprinkle shapes?  Here’s an idea.  Make yourself the perfect pint.

pint pop

It’s easy.  Form your cake into a triangle before you chill.  After a couple hours, melt your chocolate (remember the seizing trick–add a little butter or cream to the chocolate).  Dip the stick into the chocolate and then push it halfway into the cake pop.  Take a second for it to set before dipping.  Dip in the chocolate, tap off excess and then place flat side down on a cookie sheet.

Once it’s hardened, dip the top in some melted white chocolate and voila!  You have made yourself the perfect pint.  Enjoy!


Bomb Bites

Maybe the Irish Car Bomb mini-cake was too much for you.  You might be one of those lucky people who only need a single bite to feel satisfied.  If so, I have the perfect solution for you.  Cake pops without the stick.

It’s the same process for any other cake pop.  Mix the Bailey’s frosting with the Guinness cake to get it to a moist enough consistency to roll into a ball and it will hold it’s shape.  Chill the cake for a couple hours.  When you return, melt some chocolate chips in a bowl.  Instead of worrying about the stick, roll the ball around in the chocolate and place it on parchment paper for the truffle effect.

I wanted the same Bomb flavors so I added some of the whiskey to the melted chocolate.  Warning: the chocolate seizes!  I could’ve taken a picture at this point but I freaked out instead.  (We all have those moments.)  Don’t panic.  You can bring it back with butter or cream.  Keep stirring over heat and add small amounts of butter or cream until it comes back to smooth.  It takes on more of a ganache covering instead of a hard candy shell, but it works.  Sprinkle on some irish colored sprinkles and you’re ready to drop a bite-sized bomb.

Bomb Bites


A House of Cake

Public schools in Oregon have a rule of no outside food unless it comes from a grocery store in a plastic container.  <Insert major groan and a rant about the crap ingredients found in those plastic containers.>  This school year my beautiful children complimented me by asking if I could make something for their classes.

My daughter asked her teacher if we could bring in cakepops for their holiday party.  The teacher told her while she wouldn’t allow most parents, since she’d eaten of my stuff before, she would allow it.  I’m not sure if it was the fact she survived past sweets or the fact my bribes had worked well, but either way, I was in!

I told my darling seven-year old daughter she could pick out any design in the Cakepop Holiday book she bought with her own money at the book fair.  After she picked out the hardest design in the book, I told her she had to help me every step of the way.  Here is a pictorial showing you how to make gingerbread house cakepops.  If you want to know about the cake mix, check here.

The lovely model shows how easy it is to scoop.
The lovely model shows how easy it is to scoop.
cakepop shape
She scooped out the right amount and I shaped them into little triangle houses.
building houses
Here’s where the magic happens. Get out all the sprinkles and start adding. You need to use a toothpick to dip in chocolate to place where you want stuff to stick. I piped the edges and roof with melted chocolate wafers in a ziplock bag.
The finished product — a masterpiece with each house being different.

What you will notice in this pictorial is my daughter wearing a different shirt in each of the photos.  This is important because this shows you don’t have to do it all in one day.  Piecing out each part helps with not becoming overwhelmed at making thirty-five individual houses.  It also helps with including kids who have attention span maximums around an hour.

This cakepop fun allowed my daughter and I to spend several hours over several days together and make something she was proud of.  Anytime I got a little OCD about how something looked, I saw her beaming face with pride and realized this was more her cakepop than mine.  It made them taste even sweeter when her classmates chowed down on gingerbread house shaped goodies..


Harvest Pumpkin Pops

If you just can’t do another pumpkin pie for this year to celebrate Thanksgiving, here’s a twist on having your pumpkin and eating it too.  It has the look of pumpkin without the flavor.  In this pop is cake.  Chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

If you can’t break free from the traditions of the holiday, you could make this for the kid table.  It could knock two birds with a centerpiece and a conversation piece for those adolescents banished to the small card table with wobbly chairs.  To go completely classic, a spice cake could hide inside this orange colored chocolate shell.

Whatever you choose, this is a fun way to acknowledge the fall season.  We hope you have a great time with family and friends for this holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Day of the Dead Pop Style

I’ve seen some amazing Day of the Dead cookies.  Of course, Sugarbelle has a whole rack of wonderful ones, but so does this Etsy person and this Flicker person.  I wanted to do something a little different and not so much artistic talent.  (As I’ve said a million times, I’m no artist.)

Although Sugarbelle didn’t inspire me to make the cookies, she did inspire the design for a cake pop.  The guts are vanilla cake with vanilla cream cheese buttercream.  The tasters enjoyed the combination.  What do you think of the design?

“If your happy and you know it, clap your hands. Oh wait, I don’t have any hands.”

Happy Halloween!


Angry Birds Cake Pops

My kids and nephews LOVE angry birds.  I’m not quite sure the allure of this game, but it must be something great.  Or at least have great marketing.  Have you seen the line of gear?  They’re even selling pillows in Costco now.  When I asked my sister what my nephews would like made out of cake, she came back quickly with “Angry Birds.”

Even though I only did four out of the entire collection, I was pleased with how they turned out.  They are a traditional cake pop with homemade chocolate cake and chocolate frosting.  (This makes all the difference, in my opinion.)  It’s the regular technique of shaping and dipping.  If you want to know how, I suggest watching a Bakerella video.  The beaks are chocolate covered sunflower seeds and the eyes are made from left over royal icing.  (You can also buy them at Michaels or Walmart in the cake decorating section.)  The tops on the black and red ones are licorice and the pigs features are M&Ms.  See?  Easy.